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Cameo of Munna Bhai and Circuit in Shahrukh Khan Dunki

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Cameo of Munna Bhai and Circuit in Shahrukh Khan's Dunki



Comedy, Drama



People were already very excited about Raju Hirani's upcoming movie Dunki, which stars Shah Rukh Khan. But the excitement went through the roof recently because of a viral video on social media. In the video, Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi, who are known for their roles in the Munna Bhai movies, were seen on set wearing their famous orange and black Kurtas. They were working on a secret project directed by Hirani.

The video is just 25 seconds long and shows Sanjay Dutt entering the set with Raju Hirani, and later Arshad Warsi joins them. In the video, Sanjay Dutt gives Arshad a famous hug called 'Jaadu ki jhappi.' At the end of the video, Arshad says, "And...we are back!".

Here is the video for our viwers:

While there hasn't been an official announcement about this secret project, people are guessing that it might be related to either Munna Bhai 3, a special appearance by Munna and Circuit in Dunki, or maybe even an advertisement shoot. People are really excited to see their favorite comedy duo working together again after so many years.

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