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DD Returns Movie Download in Tamil Isaimini 2023

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DD Returns Movie Download in Tamil Isaimini 2023

DD Returns is a Malayalam movie featuring Santhanam, and Surbhi. Released on OTT in 2023, this film is now accessible in HD on isaimini 2023. You can download the full HD version of DD Returns from isaimini, where a clean Mp4 print is also available for viewing.

DD Returns Movie Free Download Link

Isaimini provides DD Returns movie free download link. This Tamil film is now available in HD, 720p, and 1080p formats. Various sizes are offered, including 300MB, 500MB, and 1GB, for your viewing preferences.

DD Returns 2023 Movie Screenshot

Here are few screenshots from movie DD Returns. These screenshots are taken from the movie DD Returns 2023, so that you can check the quality of movie. DD Returns is available in high quality on isaimini 2023. Download Latest DD Returns 2023 Tamil movie free in HD from isaimini movies website.

DD Returns Movie Download in Tamil Isaimini 2023

DD Returns Movie Information

Synopsis: A group of friends who find a spooky old house. They decide to hide a bag full of money and treasures there to keep it safe from the police. But, when they go back to get the bag later, they meet a friendly ghost who challenges them to play a game to see if they can keep the treasure. It's like a fun and scary adventure where they have to be clever and brave to win the game and keep the treasure safe.

Movie : DD Returns
Directed by : S. Prem Anand
Written by : S. Prem Anand
Produced by : C. Ramesh Kumar
Starring : Santhanam, Surbhi
Cinematography : Dipak Kumar Padhy
Edited by : N. B. Srikanth
Music by : OfRo
Production Companies : RK Entertainment
Release Date : 28 July 2023
Country : India
Language : Tamil
Box office : est.₹11.90 crore

How to Download DD Returns 2023 Movie for free?

You can download Tamil movie DD Returns 2023 from isaimini for free by following these steps:

  • Go to Isaimini 2023.
  • Then, go to category Isaimini Tamil Movies 2023.
  • Search for the DD Returns 2023.
  • Click on the movie name.
  • Click download and it will start downloading.

  • DD Returns 2023 Movie Trailer

    Watch the Trailer of DD Returns here on isaimini. Downlaod the Trailer of DD Returns here on isaimini.

    DD Returns Song Download

    DD Returns is a Tamil movie with awesome songs! The music is done by ofRo. The film stars Santhanam, Surbhi, and Redin Kingsley. The songs are written by Durai, Gana Francis, and Asal Kolaar.

    You can download DD Returns songs from in high quality from Isaimini 2023 website. There are four songs in the movie: "French Kuthu," "Goinda Goinda," "I'm So Prabalam," and "Vilayaada Vaa." You can choose between 320kbps and 128kbps for the song quality.

    Remember, you can download these songs easily from Isaimini 2023, and they sound great! Enjoy the music and have fun listening to the songs!

    In a gripping climax, DD Returns confronts the wealthy businessman responsible for Amina's murder and exacts his revenge, standing as a symbol of justice for those who have been failed by the system.


    Copying movies or videos is bad in India, and it's against the law. Don't do it. The website, Isaimini 2023, doesn't support piracy either. Choose the right way to watch or download movies, not the wrong way. Stay away from bad websites.

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