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Christopher Movie Download in Tamil Isaimini 2023

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Christopher Movie Download in Tamil Isaimini 2023

Christopher is a Malayalam movie featuring Mammootty, Vinay Rai, Amala Paul, Sneha, Shine Tom Chacko, and Aishwarya Lekshmi. Released on OTT in 2023, this film is now accessible in HD on isaimini 2023. You can download the full HD version of Christopher from isaimini, where a clean Mp4 print is also available for viewing.

Christopher Movie Free Download Link

Isaimini provides Christopher movie free download link. This Tamil film is now available in HD, 720p, and 1080p formats. Various sizes are offered, including 300MB, 500MB, and 1GB, for your viewing preferences.

Christopher 2023 Movie Screenshot

Here are few screenshots from movie Christopher. These screenshots are taken from the movie Christopher 2023, so that you can check the quality of movie. Christopher is available in high quality on isaimini 2023. Download Latest Christopher 2023 Tamil movie free in HD from isaimini movies website.

Christopher Movie Download in Tamil Isaimini 2023

Christopher Movie Information

Synopsis: In a tale of vengeance and justice, "Christopher" follows the journey of a young man whose family is brutally murdered during a riot in Kerala. Driven by grief, he becomes a police officer to avenge their deaths. With the guidance of SP Vetrivel, he rises through the ranks and becomes an encounter specialist, protecting civilians from criminals. Along the way, he falls in love with Beena, another officer, and they marry. However, a series of shocking events, including the revelation of Beena's brother as a criminal, lead to their separation. After Amina, a girl he adopts, is murdered, Christopher takes matters into his own hands, confronting corruption and ensuring justice prevails. Despite facing challenges and hardships, he remains relentless in his pursuit of truth and justice.

Movie : Christopher
Directed by : B. Unnikrishnan
Written by : Udaykrishna
Produced by : B. Unnikrishnan
Starring : Mammootty, Vinay Rai, Amala Paul, Sneha, Shine Tom Chacko, Aishwarya Lekshmi
Cinematography : Faiz Siddik
Edited by : Manoj
Music by : Justin Varghese
Production Companies : RD Illuminations
Release Date : 9 February 2023
Running Time : 150 minutes
Country : India
Language : Malayalam
Budget : ₹20 crore

How to Download Christopher 2023 Movie for free?

You can download Tamil movie Christopher 2023 from isaimini for free by following these steps:

  • Go to Isaimini 2023.
  • Then, go to category Isaimini Tamil Movies 2023.
  • Search for the Christopher 2023.
  • Click on the movie name.
  • Click download and it will start downloading.

  • Christopher 2023 Movie Trailer

    Watch the Trailer of Christopher here on isaimini. Downlaod the Trailer of Christopher here on isaimini.

    Christopher 2023 Movie Plot Summary

    "Christopher" is a gripping tale of revenge and justice set in Kerala. During a violent riot, the protagonist Christopher witnesses the horrifying murder of his sister, parents, and the destruction of his home. Fueled by grief and anger, he sets out on a path of vengeance but is stopped by SP Vetrivel, who becomes his mentor and inspires him to join the police force.

    Christopher embarks on a mission to become a police officer and rises through the ranks, becoming an encounter specialist known for his relentless pursuit of criminals. Along the way, he meets Beena, another officer, and they fall in love, getting married and starting a family.

    However, their happiness is short-lived as a series of shocking events unfold, including the discovery of Beena's brother's criminal activities. The situation leads to their separation, leaving Christopher with nothing except the support of Amina, a girl he adopts.

    Tragedy strikes once again when Amina is brutally murdered, leaving Christopher shattered. Determined to seek justice for her, he faces off against a corrupt system and manipulative criminals.

    As Christopher delves deeper into the dark underbelly of crime and corruption, he uncovers shocking truths and realizes that true justice might not always be served through legal channels. With the support of Amina's younger sister, he sets out to avenge her death and bring the guilty to account.

    In a gripping climax, Christopher confronts the wealthy businessman responsible for Amina's murder and exacts his revenge, standing as a symbol of justice for those who have been failed by the system.


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